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Rethinking the world of aviation

The race to create newer and greener ways of air transport is challenging the traditional world of aviation. Sol.One is here to help. With our sophisticated avionics software, hardware, services and applications, the Sol.One universe is reinventing the aviation world by allowing both traditional and new players to enter the market in a quick and affordable way without conceding on safety or sophistication.




These new ways of transportation need 100% future-proof software that is compliant with the newest avionics developments. Today, dozens of new companies are entering the eVTOL market. While these electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles represent the future of urban mobility, they can only succeed with safe and affordable software and hardware.

Sol offers a solution to all potential obstacles.

We enable present-day aviation and prepare for the future one. Sol.One allows for a new and solid game-changing approach while ensuring 100% safety, security and a much shorter time-to-market.

Fast & Agile

Our platform is an immense leap in efficiency compared to traditional methods. As a result we enable future companies to dare take their first steps into development more easily. By sustaining the creation of a more competitive aviation market, Sol.One will help boost new and green innovation.

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Our avionics are not only certified by easa, but also tested and approved by following partners.

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