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Today's aircraft have sophisticated avionics that take multiple years to design and certify. Using the latest in computer science, Sol's requirement language simplifies avionics by directly generating applications and their DAL A certification evidence. Our operating system and our leading low-SWAP hardware runs it. If you need a fast time-to-market with high certification and low risk, Sol is for you.

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Sol.One was, and still is, a crucial part of our team ensuring our success and achieving our delivery certification goals on-time and within budget. The combination of their Hardware, the Sol development language and the excellent and ongoing support of their team was pivotal to our success.

Elbit systems

Elbit systems

In 2014, Sol.One became (and still is) a pivotal part of our team in modernising the certified avionics and cockpit system of our aircraft and achieving Type Certification with one new aircraft being completed in 2024. Sol.One is the perfect partner for our company.


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Rethinking the world of aviation

Sol.One simplifies the time-consuming process of meeting the DO-178C guidelines by automating over 80% of the process. Really automating. No additional activities. No tweaking. DAL A.

ONE Avionics

Software and hardware that is transparent, reliable, future-proof and above all: certified and fully accepted by EASA.

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Sol platform

A powerful and integrated development environment, Sol's requirement language, compiler, OS and fast hardware.



Commercially off-the-shelf avionics products allow a faster time to market. Written in Sol and easily adaptable to your needs.

System engineering

System engineering

Our experienced system engineers can use our own platform and COTS products to bring your team on the market fast.


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Our Sol automation technology is approved and certified by EASA. We are fully operational and are a certified instrument partner for:

Elbit Systems
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