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We can be your avionics team

Our highly experienced avionics system engineers can provide a full cockpit solution for your aircraft. Taking advantage of our COTS products, we will provide fast time-to-market, from early test flights through Type-1 rating and production support.

Technology that changes everything


of our system engineering team has a PhD in physics or engineering


years of avionics experience combined


global knowledge

Customers tell us they’re amazed by the speed we deliver. Their satisfaction gives our team the energy to do even better every day.

Peter Callewaert

Peter Callewaert, VP Integration

Fast evolution, long-time support

Throughout any integration program, new requirements will appear. Test flights check operational fitness and propose improvements while authorities also formulate remarks that need to be implemented.

Avionics engineering is a continuous flow of change requests. Our team is there to make sure these are implemented fast. We use the power of Sol to update the binary and automated system test suites for regression tests to provide a typical change request in less than a week.

It is that speed that will get your aircraft on the market in a short time.

At the same time, Sol.One provides avionics-grade long-time supply and support for the hardware/software combination it provides.

Sophisticated aircraft need a simplified way to evolve.