Cots schema

Commercial off-the-shelf

We use our Sol platform to build the COTS essential instruments that most aircraft need. They are ready to install in an aircraft and interoperate with each other seamlessly.

COTS plus allows to modify the Sol requirements of essential instruments in any way you need. It delivers a customized instrument in the shortest possible time.

If you still need something different, we will build custom instruments and provide them as COTS.



These off-the-shelf products contain the essential avionics to make aircraft airborne. They are provided as line replaceable units (LRU).



The primary flight display (PFD), a pilot's primary reference for flight information, reduces workload and enhances situational awareness

Nav display

Nav display

The navigation display includes zoom levels, moving maps, restricted fly zones, route, traffic and weather information.



The engine-indicating and crew-alerting system (EICAS) offers support for electric multi-engines and has optional multi-function pages.


Take full advantage of COTS and get access to the Sol requirements. Modify I/O, symbols and functionality.

Starting from scratch takes time and is risky, while prebuilt solutions do not always meet your needs entirely.

With Plus, you get access to the Sol requirements, their tests and other evidence of our well-designed and certifiable COTS applications. Your own team can use the Sol platform and make a running start by using a ready-made application.

Plus is also great to research your future aircraft architecture.



Get our team to build your instrument from scratch to meet your requirements, both for hardware and for software.

Our team of avionics system designers can build a new instrument from scratch, based on your system requirements. Starting from our hardware platform, we adapt the physical I/O as needed. We use Sol to create the instrument to your requirements and we take complete ownership over the system tests that prove compliance. For your team, using a sophisticated custom instrument is as simple as installing COTS products.


Fast evolution, long-time support

The advanced air mobility market is evolving fast, and so are our COTS applications. Sol.One continuously innovates its COTS products and provides annual updates to its COTS and the associated certification evidence. This fast and relentless evolution is unique in aerospace. Backward compatibility ensures the best possible experience inside your aircraft now and in the future.

At the same time, Sol.One provides avionics-grade long-time supply and support for any combination of its hardware and software. Evolve your aircraft with ease at the time that suits you best.

Sophisticated aircraft need a simplified way to evolve.